About Us

About Us

Who we are

The Be the BEST version of YOURSELF Foundation was created to serve humanity. Through our various programmes, we have realised that there is a strong need for us to focus on uplifting communities and community members. One of the Directors, Nolan Pillay has been involved with the Deaf community since 2019. This has led him to begin raising awareness of the challenges faced by the deaf.

Every year we will select a different cause and plan the same activity or similar, in our efforts of restoring humanity and helping humans be better humans.

We are six (6) Directors with various skills and experience that we bring into the foundation.

Our vision

  • To create an awareness of the daily challenges the deaf face.
  • To bridge the gap between the hearing and the deaf communities in Africa.
  • To raise funds for cochlear implants and hearing aids for children born deaf.
  • Work with any organisation that supports various disabilities.
  • To create programmes to develop our young minds and create authentic leaders.
  • To build a community skills village that starts with focusing on Personal Mastery, Authentic Leadership and then specific skills like Artisans, Welders, Electricians, anything that can help our fellow South Africans and Africans become an entrepreneur using the skills they have learned or work for a company.
  • To uplift our Youth and help with the creation of employment.

Get involved

This year (2022), we will focus on giving the “Gift of hearing” to a child by climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with seven (7) deaf and eight (8) hearing climbers to raise the necessary funds for these children.

Helping today

Give the gift of hearing to a deaf child

22 August 2022, 7 deaf climbers and 8 hearing climbers are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for cochlear implants and hearing aids for deaf children. Donations will be deeply appreciated.


Helping today

Miss, Mr and Mrs Deaf South Africa pageant

In September during deaf awareness month, Miss, Mr and Mrs Deaf South Africa will be host a pageant in Joburg. Donations will be deeply appreciated.


Jobs fill your pockets but adventures fill your soul. The Best Version of Yourself foundation inspired and motivated me to fulfil my dream to climb Kilimanjaro and give back to the deaf community.

Vicky du Preez Volunteer

"Being the Best Version of Yourself" is pushing beyond your own boundaries by being limitless to serve humankind by being kind.

Kurt Dirks Volunteer

Our team gathers thousands of volunteers with a mission to help others. Helping is caring.


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