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Partner with our Foundation:

The Be the BEST Version of YOURSELF Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organisation and relies on corporate partnerships and CSI funding. South Africa is facing many humanity challenges and we would like to step up and take action towards helping as many people as possible to live better lives, especially in disadvantaged communities. We provide audited financial statements annually.

Benefits to our Sponsors:

We are section 18a compliant which means you qualify for a tax deduction and The Be the BEST Version of YOURSELF Foundation NPC will issue the relevant documentation on request.

You will also be part of our amazing, inspiring initiatives and we will mention your company in our social media platforms.

For more information on Corporate Partnerships please email

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Donate via GoGetFunding

You can support our initiatives via our fundraising page as well.

Volunteer Your Services

If you are a DJ, Comedian, Artist, Videographer, Photographer, Master of Ceremonies, Venue owner, have a good Network of people who love to get involved in Humanity projects, etc. please connect with us as we need as many volunteering services as possible.


Our team gathers thousands of volunteers with a mission to help others. Helping is caring.


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